Welcome to the ShapeShift Platform - 
Your Ticket to Intuitive Hardware Security. 

The ShapeShift Platform is the perfect balance of security and convenience. Use your KeepKey to secure your private keys offline, while you buy, sell, send, receive, trade, track, and hodl through our intuitive, beautiful interface. 

Grab your KeepKey and follow our guide below to get started. 

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1. Go to the ShapeShift Platform 

Using a Chrome or Brave browser, go to Beta.ShapeShift.com.

Earn 10 FOX Tokens when you create a free account with ShapeShift.

Pairing your KeepKey makes it compatible with the platform. 

  • Select "Connect your wallet" and choose KeepKey. 
  • Ensure your KeepKey is plugged in and that you closed the KeepKey Updater App. 
  • Click "PAIR KEEPKEY" to begin. 
  • Highlight the KeepKey you would like to pair and then click "Connect".

2. Pair Your KeepKey 

You may be prompted to update your KeepKey. 

  • Click on "Download Updater App" and “Get the App” 
  • Open the .dmg or .exe file after it downloads 
  • Click "Update Now" 
  • Choose whether you’re using a new KeepKey or if you have set it up before. 

Follow the on-screen directions:

  • Unplug the KeepKey and plug it back in while holding the button down. 
  • Confirm on the device by holding the button as prompted. You will see the arrow on the screen blackout once it's time to release. Do not unplug your KeepKey during this time. 
  • Disconnect and reconnect your device. 
  • Finally, disconnect and reconnect your KeepKey while holding the button down. 
  • If your firmware also needs to update, follow along with your screen as it walks you through the same steps. 

You’re updated! Close the KeepKey Updater and return to the Platform.
When you return to the ShapeShift Platform, click "Connect a Wallet" and select "KeepKey". You’ll then click "Pair KeepKey" one more time to connect it.

3. Update Your Device 

4. Initialize 

  • Click “Initialize KeepKey” to begin. 
    • If this isn't your first time using KeepKey and you would like to recover an existing wallet, please select the option to recover from recovery sentence instead and follow the onscreen directions. 

  • Add a label to name your device.
  • Once labeled, your KeepKey balances will reflect even after you disconnect your device.
  • Choose a PIN for your KeepKey. This will be needed every time you sign a transaction. The pin pad is a cipher that will change every time you use your KeepKey to ensure it’s kept secure. 
  • To follow the cipher on the KeepKey, each button will be representative of what is shown on the KeepKey's screen. 
  • Choose and confirm your PIN (remember: the cipher will change before the confirmation screen, so make sure you take a look at your KeepKey screen),
  • Now you'll be given your new recovery sentence. This 12-word sentence is pertinent to keep safe. Write it down on a hard copy and lock it somewhere safe. Do not keep a digital copy of this sentence. If you wish to restore another recovery sentence, you can find more information here.
  • Once you have written down your 12-word sentence, confirm on your KeepKey by holding the button on your device.
  • After confirming, your addresses will sync and you will be brought to your dashboard.

5. Send and Receive

Your device must be connected to send assets. 

Learn more about sending and receiving.

6. Assets

To view the digital assets that we offer, simply click the "Assets" tab in the left column. You will find the price, how much your portfolio value has changed, and your balance here, all updating in real-time. 

Use the Banxa integration to purchase crypto with your credit and debit card.

  • Select "BUY CRYPTO" at the top of the Dashboard. 
  • Choose the asset you want to buy. You will need to verify your identity with Banxa to buy digital assets.
  • Your new coins will be received on your KeepKey shortly!

7. Buy Crypto

Trade via top Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) with your KeepKey

  • Go to "Trade" on the left panel.
  • Choose the pair you would like to trade between and then type or toggle the amount to trade.
  • If you are happy with the trade details displayed, press "TRADE". 
  • You will need to follow the prompts on your KeepKey to sign the transaction.
  • Once finalized, you will see your balance reflect the correct amount.

8. DEX Trading

The "Settings" page will reflect the various settings regarding your account. Here, you can change your default currencies, view details, and manage your paired wallets.

9. Settings

10. Support

If you still need assistance using our platform, you can access our Help Center by clicking the blue "Support" button. 

Please Submit a Request with any questions or feedback you have.